Customer Behavior 
Our goal is to not only collect what is owed, but to change your Customers payment behavior.  Our system and language is designed to get your Customer to pay on time.  
 We put a cost effective and efficient system in place. So your collection problems, don't return. From invoicing though collections is designed to REDUCE your cost of collection and get your invoices paid. 
 We train key personnel how to use our system and collect effectively and efficiently. Utilizing the “language of persuasion” to change your Customers payment behavior.
Having problems collecting from your customers? Tired of percentage based collection agencies who collect the easy invoices and over charge for the service?
Let's face it. The cost of collecting your outstanding accounts receivable at 20% gross and not changing your Customers payment behavior is too expensive!
At, we will not only collect what’s owed, we will turn your Customers into "on time" payers. This is accomplished at a weekly “no risk” rate. No contractual agreement. If you don’t like the service, cancel. All collected funds are directly paid to you. We don’t control - your money.  Our goal is to reduce the cost and headache of Collections. 
Our Mission is Simple!
At, we collect your money without damaging your customer base. After collecting your money. We put the process and procedures in place to return your collections in house. We teach and train your staff how leverage your product or service, change your customers paying behavior and efficiently get your customers paying on a predictable and regular basis.

Our Services Include:
Evaluate Your Credit Policies
Evaluate and Classify Your Customers
Determine Your Collection Leverage
Evaluate Your Invoicing To Improve Payment
We Implement and Provide Performance Reporting
We Implement an Easily Manageable Collection System
We change your Customers Payment Behavior
Manage Small Claims, When Necessary
Train Your Staff to Effectively Handle Your Collections